What to Expect

1. We want to convert people…but not to be clones without independent thought or expression, but to be new people who love and serve Jesus Christ with all that they uniquely are.

2. We are a bunch of hypocrites…but we are doing our best to repent of our failures and to love and live the way Jesus calls us.

3. We can be uptight…but then again, everyone is uptight about something. We try to be uptight about good things like grace and truth, mercy and justice, love and faithfulness.

4. We are skeptical. Not only do we believe that God welcomes our questions, but that He also wants us to apply a healthy skepticism toward our worldly assumptions.

5. We make judgments…and we are asking you to judge for yourself: the issue is not if we will make judgments, but how we will make them.

6. We are preachy, but hopefully in a good way…after all, if you were really convinced that the Diving Being had said and did something that would benefit all humanity, wouldn’t you want the world to know?

7. We are arrogant…no question about it. We honestly do wrestle with pride and ego every single day, but we are also genuinely seeking to live with greater humility. Lord have mercy!

8. We are foolish…we are no intellectual or cultural epicenter, but we do aspire to love the Lord with all our minds. If you join us, maybe you could help sharpen our perspective on some things.

9. We want your money…but not to waste it or to pad the pastor’s pocket. Instead, we wish to leverage our God-given resources to care for each other and to bless our community.

10. We are born again…and we know there are sad stereotypes tied up with that description. But we embrace it anyways because it reminds us that God has made us part of His new creation. It reminds us that He has called us to be a part of making all things new, as a foretaste of the new heaven and new earth to come. We want to see “His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, and we invite you to join us as we seek to be a part of His great and good plan to do so!