One to One Women's BIble Study

Interest Meeting | May 15 after church

A New Bible Study Initiative

This summer, we hope to offer a new opportunity for ladies to engage in Bible reading and discipleship, one-to-one. 

For a variety of reasons, meeting together with a larger group is often challenging for some women so a one-to-one study may be just right for you. 

Using David Helm’s book entitled One to One Bible Reading as a guide, we want to equip women to pair up and read the Bible together, applying specific questions to explore the Truth of God’s word and encouraging one another in their life with Christ. 

One to One Process

The process is simple.  If you have a partner in mind, please let us know. Otherwise, we will pair you with another Tab sister who also has a desire to read and grow in the wisdom of the Lord.

  • Meet together

    Meet together with your partner at a mutually agreed-upon time on a regular basis (we recommend weekly).

  • Read and Discuss

    Actually read the Bible with your partner and discuss it together using some guiding questions.  Spend some time discussing what the Lord is doing in your life.

  • Pray for one another

    Talk about how you can be praying for one another and close in prayer.

Summer Study

This summer, we will spend 8 weeks reading and discussing the Gospel of Mark.

Getting started for the Summer Study

Please contact the  Address Card Tab One to One Women's Bible Study to get a free copy of David Helm’s book. 

We would ask you to read the book, pray about it, and attend a short meeting to work out some of the details for getting started. 

We will meet together on Sunday afternoon, May 15, with a simple lunch, to work out some of the details and give you an opportunity to make a schedule with your partner.