Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Our first service begins at 8:30am.  Our second service begins at 11:00am.  

    Please arrive early enough that you can get settled in the sanctuary and prepare your heart to worship before the service starts.

  • The 8:30am service concludes as 9:45am.  The 11:00AM service concludes at 12:15pm.

  • Our sermons are full of Scripture and incorporate expository and thematic approaches to any given series.  Our goal in any sermon is to be reminded of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to have it applied to our hearts and lives so that we may live joyfully for God’s glory.  

    Musically, we love to sing and believe that it is important to raise our voices together in worship and praise.  We use a blend of traditional hymns from our denomination’s Trinity Hymnal and modern contemporary music.  We use traditional hymns set to modern tunes as well.  Worship is regularly led by a team of people with piano and guitar accompaniment and with additional instruments as musicians are available.  

    We celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism whenever a family presents their covenant child before the Lord, and whenever a person who has not yet been baptized becomes a follower of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month.  

    In addition, prayer, creeds, offerings, responsive readings, and testimonies are all important elements in our worship services.

    • During the 11AM service, we have a staffed nursery available for infants through age two and an ID tag system to identify parents, children and carry bags.  Please sign in with the staff and communicate any needed info for proper care. 

    • For children age three through First Grade, we have a Children’s Church that meets each week during the 11:00am service (except for the first Sunday of each month).  The children are dismissed to Children’s Church at the beginning of the sermon and parents should come to pick up children at the end of the worship service.  If you or your children are more comfortable staying together with you for the entire service, that is encouraged.
    • We do have a cry room available at the rear of the sanctuary with one-way glass and internal audio to use for restless little ones and for nursing moms.

  • Our congregation covers a broad range of dress—some are wearing tie-dye and some are in neck ties.  

    Please keep in mind that we want to focus on worship of our Lord, so wear what you would be comfortable in without causing distraction to others.

  • We would love the opportunity to welcome you personally, but we don’t ask our visitors to stand up in front of everyone and speak or introduce themselves.

  • We try to operate our sound system at a level that is comfortable for everyone, but if you need a little more boost in volume, we have a hearing assistance system available.  

    Please ask one of the ushers at the door or see the audio technician for a radio receiver.  There in a volume control on each unit that you can set for your own hearing needs. 

  • We have an ADA-compliant ramp from the parking lot to the upper level and sanctuary that bypasses the stairs in front of the building.  

    We also have an accessible restroom in the foyer between the old and new buildings, but there is no elevator or chair lift to the Fellowship Hall level.  

    Please see an usher or deacon for any assistance you may need and we will do our best to provide it.

  • If you are visiting with us, please know that it is okay to pass the plate on by.  

    Our members and regular attenders support the church with their tithes and offerings.  

    There is absolutely no expectation that our visitors need to contribute money to our church.

  • Our pastor and other church leaders desire to care for the congregation in both spiritual and physical needs. 

    If you have a need in this area, please contact the  Address Card  church office or speak with our church leaders after the service.