Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong | 1 Corinthians 16:13

How do we respond to this phenomenon?

Today, unsuspecting parents and church leaders are awakening to the announcement, "I'm trans," and discovering that their daughter heard a coming out story at school, through her friends or directly from someone in the Internet community of trans influencers and now thinks that she is a boy in a girl's body.


  • Anchoring Your Child to God's Truth in a Gender-Confused World

    This book was published in 2018 to equip parents to understand how to help their children respond to the current influence of the LGBTQ movement.

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  • Our Daughters and the transgender craze

    Since 2018, there has been an explosion of transgenderism among teen girls.  This book is an update on what is happening, what we can do to prevent this in our own daughters, and how we might be salt and light in our culture in the fields of medicine, public education, government policy, and women's athletics.

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  • This ministry site features podcasts, blog posts, and other resources for men seeking to band together for the spiritual battles of our time.


The following resources have been an encouragement to men in our church.  If you have books, Bible studies, podcasts, or other resources to recommend, contact the  Address Card  Tab Men's Ministry.

  • Accountability and protection software

  • The Christian Life

    by Sinclair B. Ferguson

  • The exemplary Husband

    by Stuart Scott