When Tabernacle learned recently that ComfortCare’s ultrasound machine is past its prime,
and its maintenance contract expires in August,
we prayerfully wondered...

What if we could provide a new machine, with advanced imaging,
that ComfortCare could own free and clear?

What if we could buy two machines—one for our community and one for Lexington?

  • One Patient Shared how critical ultrasound images are...

    “One of the key things that helped me make my decision for parenting was definitely seeing her on the ultrasound. She was definitely a pretty decent size little human being in there. She was moving all around and squirming....it's amazing. It made me very emotional.”

  • Each Machine costs $32,000

    Our goal is to raise $67,000 to cover taxes and shipping as well.

    Donations will be collected through GiveSendGo linked directly to ComfortCare. 

  • SCAN QR Code

    All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of the funds given will go toward purchasing two new ultrasound machines.

  • Feel free to share the link with family and friends to join the campaign to meet this important need.

  • Celebrating the conclusion of the Campaign

    This fundraising campaign will close with a public event on April 22, redeeming the weekend that Scott’s wife, Anne, was killed in 2021 because of a drunk driver. 

    The Seaton family have been charter members of Tabernacle. 

    Our desire is to honor Anne’s love for Jesus and her commitment to life through this effort. 

For others Joining the campaign...

Tabernacle is grateful that you are considering joining this effort.  

Please feel free to use the following information and images to promote the campaign in your churches and families.

  • Campaign Graphic

    This Window to the Womb graphic can be used for on-screen, website, or printed announcements about the campaign.

    Download Campaign Graphic

  • QR Code

    This QR code can be added to on-screen, website, or printed announcements.  It links directly to the GiveSendGo fundraising page.

    Download QR code image

  • Bulletin Insert

    This information page can be used as a handout or bulletin insert to promote the fundraising effort.