Scripture Reading & Meditation

Numbers 9:1-14

“The Gospels insist that we understand Jesus as the fulfillment of the Exodus and his death as the ultimate Passover sacrifice.”

—Tremper Longman, Immanuel in Our Place

“For in the original Passover in Egypt each paschal lamb died instead of the family’s first-born son, and the first-born was spared only if a lamb was slain in his place. Not only had the lamb to be slain, but also its blood had to be sprinkled on the front door and its flesh eaten in a fellowship meal. Thus the Passover ritual taught…that it was necessary for the benefits of Christ’s sacrificial death to be personally appropriated.”

—John Stott, The Cross of Christ

Image: Fr. Raphael Pfisterer, “Agnus Dei” (mural, St. Anselm College, 1927-31)