Our Staff

  • Dr. Essen Daley | Pastor

    Essen is the founding pastor of Tabernacle.  

    He was born and raised in Tidewater.  After graduating from James Madison University, Essen married Cathy, his high school prom date.  He earned his M.Div. and D.Min. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.

    Essen and Cathy have four kids, Rachel, Sarah, Michael, and Lydia, and love taking family trips together (Maine and Florida are favorites!).  

    He enjoys creating artwork, birthday cakes, and good dinners.  He also has an embarrassing affinity for Star Wars Legos (Matthew 7:1-2).  

    Contact Essen at essen@tab-pres.org

  • Rev. Kyle Kockler | Associate Pastor

    Kyle serves as Associate Pastor.  

    He is a graduate of James Madison University and Reformed Theological Seminary.  Kyle is married to his best friend, Ginny, and together they are continuously learning how to be parents for their boys, Drew and Sam.  

    Kyle is responsible for facilitating and encouraging the ministry teams at Tab with special focus on small groups and adult discipleship.  

    He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and watching the Cowboys defeat the Redskins on a fairly regular basis.

    Contact Kyle at kyle@tab-pres.org

  • Taylor McPherson | Worship Director

    Taylor serves as Worship Director.

    He was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas.   Prior to coming to Tab, Taylor and his wife, Denise, lived in Nashville, Tennessee for 12 years.

    Taylor graduated from Belmont University with a Master's Degree in Music and is currently enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary, pursuing an M.Div. and ordination.

    One of his greatest joys is spending time with Denise and their three children - twin sons, Judah and Pierce, and daughter, Lily.

    Taylor loves writing songs for the church and leading the saints in the worship of God.

    Contact Taylor at taylorm@tab-pres.org

  • Teresa Wildermuth | Administrative Assistant

    Teresa is the administrative assistant for Tabernacle's church office.

    She was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  Teresa moved to Virginia 30 years ago via Philadelphia where she met her husband, Joel.  They have two boys.

    Teresa graduated from Cedarville College (now Cedarville University) with a Secondary Ed English degree.  Before coming to Tabernacle, she taught middle and high school English, worked as a bookkeeper for a family business, and served as Children's Ministry Support.

    She enjoys reading, studying, working with her hands, traveling, and Ohio State Football.

    Contact Teresa at teresa@tab-pres.org

  • Wendy Neudorf | Nursery Coordinator

    Wendy was transplanted to Virginia about 10 years ago after being born and raised in New Hampshire.

    She and her husband Abe have seven children.  She has a degree in elementary education and her love for children makes her a great fit as our nursery coordinator.  

    Wendy loves learning new things, and her most recent adventures include gardening and chocolatiering.

    Contact Wendy at wendy@tab-pres.org

  • Jennifer Langhorne | Building Attendant

    Jennifer was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley before living in coastal Maine for 17 years. She graduated from the University of Maine with a B.A. in Social Sciences.

    After moving back to Virginia in 2011, she met her husband, Brian.  They are now raising a smart and highly active son, John Braydon, in Staunton.

    Jennifer enjoys hiking, nature, gardening, and has a passion for ancient history and civilizations.

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  • Don Bailey

  • Dave Chase

  • Mike Misantone

  • David Sawyer

  • John Pearson | Emeritus

OUr Deacons

  • Jay Ford

  • Mike Kelly

  • Jason McClain

  • David Rhodus

  • Bill Elliott

  • Raymond Kilmer

  • Jack Craig | Emeritus

  • Elgene Johnson | Emeritus