Our Vision

“By God’s grace, Tabernacle lives for the enjoyment of His glory, the good of His people, the blessing of our community, and the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom in the world.”
  • First, notice that God’s grace is primary. 

    It is always primary because without Him, we could do nothing (John 1:14; 1 Corinthians 1:30). He created us, saved us through Christ, and restores us through the Spirit. Anything we have accomplished or will accomplish depends on His gracious provision and enablement.

  • Second, all that we do ought to put Him first. 

    His glory is our chief concern (Isaiah 26:8) and our greatest delight (Psalm 16:11). God’s glory is not something we disinterestedly seek out of mere duty. Obedience and sacrifice and carrying our cross are all necessary, but only so that we can possess what is truly enjoyable—Him (Matthew 13:44).

  • Next in order is the good of His people. 

    Fundamentally, the Church exists for the nurturing and building up of the saints (Galatians 6:10). We are a family, and a family rejoices together and also grieves together. We respond and we love and we serve in order to be an expression of God’s love to one another, fulfilling our calling as the interdependent Body of Christ.

  • But how many churches have taken this principle of self-nurture as its only purpose and become ingrown? 

    The Lord would also have us exist for the blessing of our community (Galatians 5:14; Jeremiah 29:7). We want the communities of Waynesboro, Staunton, and Augusta County to know that we care about our neighbors and seek to love them well through both Word and Deed ministries (Matthew 5:16).

  • Finally, Tabernacle is part of a great and glorious plan that Jesus has to spread His Kingdom to every corner of the world. 

    We seek to minister locally and globally in order to advance the recognition of Christ’s lordship in all spheres, so that this recognition would result in a foretaste of the blessings that will one day come when Jesus returns and removes all that remains of sin and its consequences (Zechariah 8:20-23).